Would you like a medicine that is safe for your family?

A medicine that nourishes and strengthens you and is in tune with Nature?

Do you want to feel empowered in your healthcare choices, and enhance your emotional and spiritual wellbeing?

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Massage Treatments from My Clinic at BN1 9PZ

Homeopathy in Brighton by Hummingbird

Welcome to Hummingbird Homeopathy and Therapeutic Massage, my natural health practice based in Brighton.

I am an alternative health practitioner and love working with women at transitional points like menstruation, motherhood and menopause. I also treat men and children.

I can help you with

  • natural fertility options
  • hormonal balance
  • healthy pregnancy
  • natural birth
  • postpartum recovery
  • anxiety related illnesses
  • panic attacks, depression

Homeopathy has the power to deeply transform your experience. If you’re interested to explore how homeopathic medicine can help you on your life’s journey, please get in touch with me to book in a consultation.

I also offer massage and bodywork , and treat homeopathy clients from all over the world with Skype.

xx Adi



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Adi was recommended to me by a number of people, including Nic at The Dragon Acupuncture Project, Brighton.  I was suffering from PMT at the time and had tried many options without much success. I found her calm and professional manner exactly what I was after. Adi is a remarkable listener. She always made me feel at ease and was a huge part in my life during a time of reflection and evaluation. I can recommend Adi without hesitation and for her help with improving my painful periods. 
Debra Vice-Holt

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